Welcome to A-Town Tattoo and thank you for taking the time to visit our site and check out our work, we hope you like what you see and see what you like.  Located in  Garden Grove we offer  from custom freehand Polynesian, to exciting full color tattoos, to fine line black and gray, to portraits and anything else you might dream up. We like to believe that we are able give our clients any type of tattoo they desire.

The shop is located at 12776 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove, Ca. Owned and operated by Sii Liufau. A-Town has been building a reputation for the last 5 years as a High Class and professional tattoo establishment with a passion for all walks of art including polynesian design.

We have been blessed with an amazing amount of talent in our artist here at A-Town Tattoo and we proudly present for your tattoo pleasures: Danh Mai, Allek Gaoay, Steve Looney (Pacific Soul Tattoo), Sulu'ape Lafaele, Sulu'ape Peter, Lio Fa'amasino, Hene Ongoloka, and myself Si’I Liufau. You  can check out each artist individually to view their art, as well as, finding out a little personal information.

With that said we want to specially invite our people from Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Hawaii, Aotearoa, Fiji, Guam, Chamorro’s, Phillipines…..there’s a lot of little islands down there so if we didn't put you up let us know, but to all of you come and experience our shop or just visit and say Hi. Get some poly work from a poly shop and rep your Polynesian roots.

Thank you for you time and enjoy the rest of the site, hope to see you soon,

Si’I Liufau

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